Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How soon can I begin taking surveys after signing up?

You can expect to take your first survey within a week or two of signing up. There are several factors that determine your start date, including your location, gender, and other criteria companies require for each survey. For instance, if a company requires a survey about men’s shaving products, and you are female, don’t expect to be included in that survey. However, there are plenty of surveys released daily, so you might receive one applicable within a day or two of signing up. While you anticipate your first survey, we suggest that you view our survey directory page, which showcases the internet's top 25 sites that pay people for taking surveys online. Once you enroll with one or more of those companies, you will start to receive surveys. Enrollment is completely free if you’re a member of

Q: How many surveys can I expect to take each month?

On average, you can expect to take 2 to 4 online surveys every month. You can earn more money by enrolling in all the surveys on directory page that interest you. Although you will have to register for each one individually, remember that enrollment for all for all of them is completely free if you are a member.

Q: Why do some surveys offer rewards and prizes instead of money?

We can weed out who is serious about these online surveys based on what is offered if they are taken. Members who are take the time to complete them are the ones companies will continue to reward.

Q: What is the average payout per survey taken?

The amount paid per survey taken depends on its length. Some short surveys might pay $15.00, while other focus group surveys might pay $100.00. You decide which surveys to take. The more you sign up for on the directory page, the more options you’ll have.

Q: When do I get paid, and who pays me?

You’ll know what you’re getting paid per survey prior to beginning one. We suggest you document which surveys you’ve taken to keep track of what you can expect to get paid. Generally, the company asking for feedback will mail you a check upon completion. Checks typically arrive within a few weeks. Some companies offer Paypal payments, which allow survey takers to get paid instantaneously.

Q: If is free, how does it make money?

Unlike other paid survey sites that charge fees, always has been and always will be completely free. We can afford to provide quality surveys to our members, as we generate revenue directly from our partners each time a survey is taken.

Q: Can I still get paid to take surveys if I have a full time job?

Of course! You can take as many or as little surveys as you desire, anytime you want. There is no minimum amount of surveys you must take to get paid. The sky’s the limit. Think of your membership as a side income, of sorts.

Q: Do I have to declare my earnings for tax purposes?

You will receive a 1099 IRS Form to include in your tax return if we have paid you any money. You will be considered an independent contractor if you are a citizen of the United States. Contact your local tax expert or accountant for more information on how to declare your earnings.

Q: What do I do to close my account?

If you would like to stop taking paid surveys, you simply need to click the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any email sent to you. You’ll be permanently removed from our system once you have done so. Should you decide to return as a member of, you’ll need to sign up from scratch.

Q: How secure is the information I provide you with?

Your privacy is paramount, and our success is contingent on the safety of information sent to us. and their partners are legitimate companies who respect your privacy. We suggest reading through each company’s privacy policy to get a better understanding of how they are handled, including ours, which can be accessed on our Privacy Policy page.